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Attentive Dog Day Care for Your Canine

The Woofdorf-Astoria Dog Hotel & Day Spa brings luxury dog day care to Racine, Wisconsin. You can rest assured that our dog watchers always have an exciting day of activities planned for your pup, rather than keeping him or her locked up all day. We require all dogs older than six months to be spayed or neutered. Up-to-date vaccines and ongoing heartworm protection is also required. Ask about grooming services as well.

Preparing for Doggie Day Care

Separate rooms are kept for small and large dogs to play in peace, while our experienced dog handlers provide active, supervised activities. As with our boarding services, we interview all dogs before providing day care. This is to determine if they will enjoy the high levels of socialization we have to offer. Once you have scheduled an interview with us, please fill out our profile questionnaire. You’ll give us this questionnaire at the interview, and we will come up with a flexible schedule that works for you.

Dog Day Care


All fees must be pre-paid, and all charges are non-refundable. Pickups that are earlier than scheduled may be credited to your Woofdorf account, but they are non-refundable. The prices listed below do not include sales tax, and prices are subject to change without notice.

Please fill out our dog questionnaire.

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