About Us

Since 2006,  Woofdorf Astoria Dog Hotel in Racine, Wisconsin, has exceeded expectations when it comes to dog care. Woofdorf provides attentive dog boarding and doggy daycare services. You can even watch your dog 24/7 on any device that can get on the internet. Our high standards have drawn customers from the metro Chicago area, Berwyn, East St. Louis, and Des Moines.

In May of 2022, we got a new business owner who was a longtime dog handler here at Woofdorf Astoria. Things have been changing around here since then! For example, we will soon have 3 packs. We always had one for large dogs and one for small dogs, but soon we will have one for the older / special needs pups. We understand that leaving your dog is hard. That's why we curate our care for each individual dog that comes in at no extra charge. Our experienced dog handlers will make sure your pets' needs are met; whether that's daily medication, insulin shots, hand fed meals, you name it! It’s our goal to make it as stress free as possible for your family (including the four legged ones!). We are staffed 24/7 for the dogs' safety and for your convenience. 

One of our favorite things around here is our space for the dogs. We have an acre and a half of outside space for the large dogs to run around in. Our small dogs have two different outdoor spaces!  You will soon be able to take a video tour or  schedule an in-person tour instead!

The past 16 years we have really grown a family here at Woofdorf Astoria. We pride ourselves in the fact that we care for dogs in all stages of their lives; from puppy to adulthood to senior.  We have literally raised generations of dogs!  We look forward to meeting you and your dog!

Below is a picture of Baby Riley and Senior Riley. 

Our senior / special needs room is named after her. 

Doggies playing at woofdorf astoria Woofdorf Astoria Dog Daycare Guest