We had to board our dog unexpectedly for over two weeks and we were so lucky to find the Woofdorf Astoria! Shelli is awesome and worked with us to accommodate our German Shorthair Pointer 👌🏼

When we came to pick up he was curled up outside in the lap of the handler - his favorite thing to do. I was impressed with the live cams so we could check on him and he came home exhausted.

- Betsy Balkcom

My dog has been going to Woofdorf on almost a daily basis for the last 3 years. I love how as a small dog he has his own area to be with other small dogs. He gets to play both inside and outside and is very well taken care of by all staff members. I highly recommend for anyone wanting to have a safe and enriching environment for their dog!

- S E Reb

I have an elderly Beagle who has been coming here over the years. We just had him there over the Christmas holiday and, at his age with his physical problems and the number of meds he was on, I was hesitant to have him visit. However, I did. Two days after I dropped him off, while I was on vacation, I received a picture of Riley in his blanket and a statement that said "Merry Christmas, Love Riley". These are the special things that they will do here. They knew I was worried and they took the extra time to let me know that he was fine. Riley is on 4 meds that they gave him twice daily. This was never made to make me feel like it was too much for them. I cannot say enough wonderful things about Woofdorf and how they have taken care of my sweet Riley over the years!

- Kristine Cresco

Absolutely LOVE Woofdorf Astoria! I have been taking my dogs here for daycare and boarding for over a decade and is the best place ever for my dogs! Staff is great, and they have such a big fenced in yard and indoor play area that big dogs like mine can really run and play. Highly recommend Woofdorf!!

- Jennifer Koleta

Woofdorf takes excellent care of our Sofie every week for daycare. Truly a life saver if you have a dog with separation anxiety. New owner (Shelli) and staff are always friendly and accommodating, we couldn't be happier! Here's a couple pics of Sofie enjoying her favorite spots to relax in Smallville Another thing we really love is being able to peak in on our pet with the web cameras! 😁

-Jennifer Johnson

Wish I could play with dogs all day!
My two pups play hard all day twice a week at the Woofdorf Astoria then pass out tired at home. My dogs "know" when it's daycare day and dance around while I try to get them into the car. They can't wait to see the handlers who greet them by name and with a smile. Pricing is super affordable too!

- Julie Sheppard

My Tucker has been going here for about a year now, once a week. When he first started he would be nervous but now he runs right to the door. Tucker is an a**hole and constantly rolls in things he isn’t suppose to. They make sure he is nice and clean for me by the time I pick him up. They are always so nice and welcoming. I trust them 100 percent with Tucker.

- Amy Lalor

Woofdorf Astoria provided care well beyond what we expected. Our ten year old German Shorthaired Pointer had never been boarded before. We planned to be out of town for six days so we needed boarding for a full week. He didn't adjust well, was excessively stressed, BUT was given one-on-one attention to calm down. He spent the evening as the "office assistant" for extra comfort, and then spent the night shift walking around with Nick as he vacuumed and mopped the entire playroom, just our dog and him!! Eventually, during the next day, they were able to get him to blend into the normal routine with the "small dogs", then in a couple days was able to join the "big dogs". We used the live camera viewing app to get a look at all the dog activity and could see he was doing well. Woofdorf Astoria definitely went above and beyond for us and our dog. THANK YOU!!!

- Denise Schmid


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