Meet the Dog Packs

We have three different dog packs here at Woofdorf Astoria to cater to each of the dogs’ sizes, energy levels, and individual needs. Dogs boarding with us will be out with the pack playing from about 7am-8:30pm. Daycare dogs are welcome anytime and will enjoy all day play with our boarders. We know down time throughout the day is important. Dogs are in suites during any necessary mealtimes and nap times. Anytime your dog is out of their personal suite, you can view them on one of our 6 cameras. Our space is large enough that most dogs spread out and catch a quick nap or two. Make sure to watch our virtual tour so you can see for yourself how nice the space is.

Here at Woofdorf Astoria, we make dog safety our number one priority. Every dog is temperament tested before joining one of our packs. Dogs must be friendly with other dogs.

Smallville: Small Dog Pack small dogs

Smallville is what we have named this pack because it tends to be made up of the little guys. Usually dogs ranging from 5 lbs - 20 lbs run the show here, but occasionally it also provides a space for bigger dogs that have a lower energy or a bigger dog that prefers the calmer atmosphere. This pack has two different outdoor spaces that they have access to all day when weather permits. We have a large grassy run and a smaller paved area with a kiddie pool. Smallville has their own tennis balls and toys they get to play with on a daily basis. If you look on the cameras, you will notice that we have quite a few car beds with comfy mattresses for the dogs to have their daily cuddle piles on. We also have lawn chairs, tons of blankets, and other furniture for all the lounging around needs. Smallville has their own dog handler from 8:30am-5pm every day. After dinner, the packs are small so Smallville can join the large dog pack if allowed or hang out in our puppy pen. Our puppy pen is a large area next to the large dogs.

Large Dog Packlarge dogs

The large dog pack is higher energy than Smallville usually and consists of medium to large dogs. They have access to our acre and a half outside yard all day (when weather permits). It is entirely up to themselves whether they are inside or outside because we have a very large indoor dog area as well that is 6,500 square feet! Our large outdoor space has shade, grass, and hills to run around on. We have some plastic furniture for the dogs to lay around in as well as plastic play structures. In the warm seasons we have quite a few kiddie pools for the dogs to splash around in. This pack always has 2-4 dog handlers depending on the pack size. Occasionally we will pull out toys like soccer balls and tennis balls when it’s a smaller pack.


Riley's Room: Senior & Special Needs Room Senior Dogs

This room is a work in progress, and we will update when it's finished.

Riley’s Room is a room dedicated to senior dogs and dogs with special needs. This room will provide maximum comfort because it’s a temperature-controlled room that is kept stocked with memory foam mattresses. We have a variety of food dispensing toys and puzzles to keep their minds engaged. This room is connected to our office and our large dog playroom; so, dogs can easily join the pack if permitted or join the office if that’s more accommodating. Dogs in this pack can also be walked out front on a leash throughout the day to avoid the energy of the other packs. Our office staff and our dog handlers take turns to make sure dogs in Riley’s Room get lots of one-on-one attention throughout the day.